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I start this blog with an unspectacular pointer to the 3rd Annual Chinese Blogger Conference in Beijing. John Kennedy has an english language live blog from the event. Protocoling among other things a talk by Flypig (飞猪) about the very professional and interesting Podcast site “Antiwave (反波)” (produced by Flypig together with former radio journalist Ping Ke 平客). Wish I could understand more of Antiwave’s shows. Danwei.tv, in one of Jeremy Goldkorn’s famous Hard Hat Shows, has an interview with the makers. Antiwave received the Global Best Podcast Award of Deutsche Welle in 2005.

Postscript: Good summaries of the first and the second day of the conference (with pictures!) by David Feng at BlogNation, and by Rebecca McKinnon at her blog RConversation.

2 Responses to “Erecting the Orchis Tower”

  1. flypig says:

    Hi Lorenz,

    Liwen sent the link of this post to me just now. Thank you soooooo much for introducing Antiwave to your readers. Hope we could talk face to face someday. :)



  2. Hello Flypig, great to see you here! Afraid that there aren’t too many readers yet. But I will follow up on Antiwave whenever there is an occasion. Let’s meet when I’m in Beijing over Christmas or in February. Best, L.

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