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Going global

As an aside, when I recently mentioned my fledgling Chinese media research in a conversation with some german colleague, he immediately talked about the recent spectacular Alibaba 阿里巴巴 IPO. Something like that would have been impossible even only a few months ago. It seems that China’s finally got some global brands after all (and it’s […]

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Whose song am I to sing?

Corporate media are on the rise. In a country like Germany, where established journalistic standards like thorough research and independence are felt to be under attack by an ongoing commercialization, this fact is mostly met with suspicion and skepticism. In a country like China, where the times of a journalism dominated by government decree and […]

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Bringing Creative Commons to China

China is considered by many to be the wild Wild West of Intellectual Property. Not necessarily so, when there are reasonable standards, it seems. Thanks to the relentless work of Prof. Wang Chunyan, the Creative Commons movement is gaining ground in China. On November 4th, a Chinese CC Photo Award was celebrated in presence of […]

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Numbers, Numbers!

If I interpret this news correctly, Chinese portal provider Sina.com has registered 1.5 million entries as yet in its blogs related to Ang Lees movie “Lust, Caution”, making it the most commented-upon movie in the history of Sina.com. God knows how many entries that would have been had the Chinese been allowed to see the […]

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Erecting the Orchis Tower

I start this blog with an unspectacular pointer to the 3rd Annual Chinese Blogger Conference in Beijing. John Kennedy has an english language live blog from the event. Protocoling among other things a talk by Flypig (飞猪) about the very professional and interesting Podcast site “Antiwave (反波)” (produced by Flypig together with former radio journalist […]

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Coffee Conversation

There are Starbucks cafés at nearly every corner of the new business areas of Beijing. In the one located in the Sohu office building I happen to meet Xu Zhiyuan, a friend of Q and renowned columnist. Zhiyuan is Beijing’s visionary-in-residence. Even though with his long hair and trademark fluttering white shirt, jeans and half-boots […]

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