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“If a trash can is not in the budget,
it will take more than a month to be approved.”

Every once in a while you stumble upon a real eye-opener, some piece of information that is worth a fortune, if put to proper use. I just found one of these little gems, following traces in the Chinese media blogosphere. It’s a blog posting by one Gong Wenxiang targeting the failures of US companies in the Chinese Internet market.

Gong Wenxiang’s original posting was translated into English (part I) and put on Yeeyan, a community looking at the ‘Internet beyond English’. Reading it (don’t forget parts II and III) you will certainly get some painful insights as well as a good laugh. And yes, certainly this is a biased article. Still I tend to believe that you could apply most of its learnings to western markets as well. (Take No 8 about using telephone instead of email as an example…)

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